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What is the Third Wave and How Has It Affected GFC?

The term Third Wave was coined in the 1980s by C. Peter Wagner, a self-professed apostle. Wagner is one of the main leaders of the International Coalition of Apostles. Third Wave is the subsequent, natural succession of the First Wave-Pentecostal movement and the Second Wave-Charismatic movement of the 1960s. This supposed movement of the Holy Spirit emphasizes signs and wonders, manifested in dreams, signs, prophetic utterances, prophecy, tongues, pseudo- apostles, and false prophets. It is nothing more than a hyped-up emotionalism akin to Montanism and the pseudo-spirituality of Gnosticism. This false apostolic movement is very dangerous. The main proponents of this false teaching that have been introduced at and around GFC are Bill Johnson, Rick Joyner, Heidi Baker, and Mike Bickle (IHOP), through several of the pastors and volunteers at GFC.

Third Wave:
International Coalition of Apostles - Wagner:
Wagner Leadership Institute:

If our claims were unfounded, why could pastors and worship leaders such as Drew McClure (college Pastor), Ben Smith, Pat Barrett have gone to Bethel Supernatural School of Ministry? Or why wouldpastor Matt Reynold's have attended Mike Bickle's (of IHOP) Onething Conference ? Why would Drew have purveyed the teachings of Heidi Baker openly on a trip to Chicago to do Muslim outreach?
If the church does not support or endorse these people, how is it that so many of their young pastors are so closely affiliated with these people's insidious, insipid ministries?

    • Jude 8 Yet in like manner these people also, relying on their dreams, defile the flesh, reject authority, and blaspheme the glorious ones.
    • Rom 16.17-18 - I appeal to you, brothers, to watch out for those who cause divisions and create obstacles contrary to the doctrine that you have been taught; avoid them. For such persons do not serve our Lord Christ, but their own appetites, and by smooth talk and flattery they deceive the hearts of the naive.
Who is involved?
Facts about False Teaching at GFC

a. Bill Johnson, Rick Joyner, Todd Bentley (“aligned” Evangelist), and C. Peter Wagner are all pseudo apostles. They are a part of, or affiliated with members of the International Coalition of Apostles. Several of the pastors at GFC encourage or are affected by this type false teaching. All of the pastors know about this false teaching. Buddy Hoffman has no problem with this teaching in his church, specifically the five-fold ministry model.

b. Dwight & Candy Haymon are false teachers associated with GFC in a number of ways. They have taught classes at GFC.
i. “Discovering Kingdom Synergy” in 2008
ii. “Listening Prayer” in 2008
iii. They have been on the evening prayer team
iv. They have a false teaching ministry at their house that GFC is called Nitelife on Saturday night. Many of the college kids have been introduced to this false teaching. Rachel Clifford and Jared Tschupp assist Dwight and Candy.
v. Dwight & Candy Haymon support Rick Joyner. They're website shows they are affiliated with the Elijah House School for the Ministry of Prayer Counseling.
vi. Lifegate International is the name of their ministry-

c. Amy Eastall – Attends GFC and is approved to work with the young adults at GFC. Amy is a false teacher who has affected/infected many of the young people. Amy attends the College ministry at Grace regularly, being openly welcomed by Drew McClure. She very active at and around GFC. Amy is strongly allied with Bill Johnson, Heidi Baker, Rick Joyner, and Dwight & Candy Hayman. (Witness: Dozens of college age adults)

d. Fact: John Bowles was told by Danny Caudell, an elder at GFC, that Bill Johnson’s book “When Heaven Invades Earth” was being read by many staff members sometime ago. He brought the book to Buddy Hoffman. Buddy not only approved of the book, but had no problem with the dissemination of book.

e. Fact: Aaron Keys encourages Third Wave activities and practices at his home, inviting staff members and church members to participate. He also recently performed a song written from the 1st Sura of the Koran during a worship service at Midtown. Before performing, he disclosed the source of the song's of inspiration to the congregation. Then performed a rap song, encouraged a Holy Spirit Rave, and called everyone to get drunk in the spirit at Midtown. At least some people were upset or disturbed by this incident. No public apology, repentence, address was made, however, to enlighten people to this massive blunder. (Witness: There are hundreds of people who heard this. It is recorded. Rob Dama, who is not affiliated with our ministry, sent an email to Aaron about the matter. )

f. Fact: Matt Reynolds has attended Mike Bickle’s (leader at IHOP) “Onething” Conference, in Kansas City. 20,000 young people attend. Supposed "Manifestations of the Spirit" such as spiritual drunkenness, prophecy, tongues, visions, dreams are commonplace at this conference, as within the ministry of IHOP. (Witness: Chris O'Rourke)

g. Fact: Matt Reynolds and Drew are highly supportive of Bethel Ministries. Matt Reynolds has played video clips of Kris Vallaton’s sermons at Midtown. Drew attended Bethel's Supernatural School of Ministry (Witness: Chris O'Rourke, Gregory Westerfield)

h. Fact: Drew played audio of Heidi Baker during church funded and organized trip to Chicago to promote JIQ. (Witness: Keely Passman, Heidi Gilkensen, Stephn Hunt, Greg Westerfield, and at least five other students)

i. Fact: Jody Hoffman and GFC teach and support SOZO which is an inner healing/prayer ministry created by Bethel Church under Bill Johnson. (This is or should be common knowledge a the Church)

j. Fact: Midtown worship pastors (Ben and Pat) attended Bethel School of ministry. (This is or should be common knowledge a the Church)

k. Fact: Marge Reynolds utilized the book, “The New Mystics” by John Crowder during her D-group. Crowder is a heretically teacher who promotes "toking the Ghost" -- get high on the Spirit, spiritual drunkenness, “not focusing all our attention on Jesus”, as well bilocation and other extra-nonbiblical experiences. (Witness: Heidi Gilkenson, Lindsey Norris)

l. Fact: In the pastor's school, John Stallsmith taught about the “five-fold ministry” which comes from the Apostolic Reformation movement. He said that Buddy plays the role of apostle, Aaron Keys is the prophet, Jamie Winship is the Evangelist, Matt Reynolds, Brian Burchek, John Stallsmith are the teachers and pastors. (Witness: Greg Westerfield)

m. Fact: Drew McClure has openly stated, from the pulpit, that he agrees with Bill Johnson’s notion God is not in the business of causing sickness or disease in the lives of his believers. (Witness: Chris O'Rourke, Gregory Westerfield, Stephen Hunt, Marcus Spencer, and dozens of other college age adults)

n. Fact: At the Kennesaw Transition, in April 2010 Rachel Clifford attempted to heal a girl’s broken leg on stage. Later, the girl was still limping and walking with her crutches. The incident was touted as a legitimate healing. This was very confusing to many of the young adults. (Witness: Stephen Hunt, Heidi Gilkensen)

o. Fact: At a Transition Amy Eastall gathered together a circle of about 15 young men to pray for them. She was touching their heads, shoulders, chests, and stomachs speaking in tongues and moaning over them. Several of the young adults including Stephen Hunt were very disturbed. (Witness: Chris O'Rourke, Stephen Hunt, Chris O'Rourke)

If the pastorate and elder board are aware of all these activities, then why have they concealed this type teaching with the young adults, in Snellville, Midtown, and the Transition ministries. If they are not aware of this teaching why is this? It is the responsibility of the elders and pastors to watch after the flock.

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Get a life John Bowles
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andimantis Accusations? 0 Jan 17 2011, 3:51 PM EST by andimantis
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I attend GFC Midtown, for the godly fellowship of my friends and neighbors there, even though I am not a huge fan. Still, I am a long way from accusing them of heresy.

I'm a little confused though: You liberally call 'heretic', but while you cite lots of facts, you fail to name specifically what they are preaching or doing that is contrary to the Bible. You seem to be interpreting these neutral facts to be bad things according to some odd, unarticulated rationale.

From this article I see only 3 concerns: 1) item e - I don't see what was a "massive blunder", but it sounds like the leadership never made it clear if they were ok with what was expressed by the worship leader, 2) item n, a false healing, 3) item o - not so much inappropriate touching, but that peoples discomfort was never addressed/ resolved by those in authority. Certainly none of those indicate heresy.

The proper way to settle disagreements is a private confrontation. In the case of the church, that should be two people meeting with the pastor in authority. I am not sure if this website is in keeping with that model. Are you looking for a companion to accompany you to meet with the pastor? Or has the pastor already dismissed your concerns, and you now want to take this issue to the church body as a whole? If this website is intended to be gossip or slander - I would hate to fan the flames by posting here.

Nevertheless, I will give you the benefit of my doubt and trust you have legitimate concerns and respectable intentions for how to get them addressed. As such, I would like to help you in that endeavor. I feel that dialog more meaningfu than this website allows is possible.

By the way, to make such accusations anonymously seems rather cowardly. (I could understand it if you feared breaking-bonds within the church, but it sounds like you are beyond that concern.)

Andy McBurney
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